Professional Advice, Design & Spec.

Our experience Professional team will recommend, proposed the best architectural solutions and specification with the options to suit your budget and other requirements


Custom Manufacturing

We are able to propose and design the custom size of extrusion profile including the making profile mould for the fabrication of windows, doors, shopfront & curtain wall and other custom architectural aluminium fixtures.


Quotations from Architectural Plans

Our team of QS profession will study, Quantity take off and estimate out the cost from the complex architectural plans and window schedules according to the requirement, specification and derived from Engineering calculation for the selected aluminium profile.


Free Quotations.

We always provide free service to estimate out the quotations with no-obligation whether it is a quote for a single window installation, or a multi-storey curtain walling system.


Free Measurements at your Site

We will come to your premises to measure and advise you on the best possible solutions for all the aluminium work before fabrication at our own Production yard. It is crucial to work with precise and exact measurements to avoid any unnecessary remedy, repair and replace work. We will take final measurements at your premises at no extra cost.


Fabrication, Installation & Fitting Work

All the fabrication, installation, fitting work will be carried out by our expert and skilful installation team.