Locks & Cylinders



Our locks are suited for Aluminium windows, patio, sliding

and entrance doors.
   •       Dead Locks
   •       Hook Locks
   •       Latch Locks
   •       Pear Shape Cylinders
   •       Oval Cylinders
   •       Oval Thumb Turn Cylinders



Door/ Window handles



   •       Patio Door Handle Cylinders
   •       A.S Handles
   •       Flush Pull Handles








   •       100 x 40 mm Reflex Hinge
   •       100 x 75 mm Butt Hinge
   •       100 x 42 mm Offset Hinge



Door roller



   •       Patio Door Rollers
   •       Stackaway Rollers
   •       Top Guide Rollers
   •       Pivot Rollers

   •       Bottom Rollers



Gasket for window / door




This vinyl covered polyurethane foam weatherstrip resists damage from sunlight or paint. This weatherstrip stays flexible thus effective at extreme temperatures. Easily installs using nails or staples.

Replacement weatherstrip for storm doors and windows. The tight woven pile seals out air, moisture and dust. The self-adhesive backing holds weatherstrip in place. Typically better quality than original OEM weatherstrip