Quality - means a product that looks good, keeps the weather and the bugs on the outside, is easy to operate and is fitted with appropriate hardware.

Compatibility across the suite allows us to offer a large range of snap-on couplers that will join windows to each other or doors at 90°, 135° or 180° without visible screws or rivets. We also have a number of trims to cater for differing building-in situations.


There are two ways of rendering windows airtight; namely compression weatherstrips or slide weatherstrips. Windows with flexible neoprene compression weatherstrips are usually the preferred choice, and do a better job of keeping the cold out Casements/ side hung, awnings/ top hung, tilt & turn, and hoppers should have locking mechanisms that keep the sash closed tightly on the compression weather stripping.



There are basically two types of windows; those that open and those that don't... referred to as operating and fixed windows. One can install as many fixed windows in a home as the local building code will allow, without forgetting that many building codes require at least one operating window for security reasons involving fire or other emergencies requiring a rapid exit from the building. Fixed windows are more efficient, for they are better sealed than operating windows. They also offer greater levels of security.


Operating windows are available in many models:

Awnings/ top hung casements / side hung, tilt & turn and sliders.



Awning windows /Top Hung have been designed to accept winders and screens. This type of window may be more suitable in colder/wetter climates where the sash can be left slightly open in inclement weather. Awnings will also give the best sound and thermal insulating results.



Bay windows or bow windows create a focal point, enlarge a room's appearance and add character and charm to any room.




  • Water and air infiltration is kept low by woven pile seals
  • Easy cleaning from the interior or upper installations
  • No fittings, except attractive handle (visible in closed position)



Graceful styling and high-tech engineering make casements a popular choice. Jamb hinges allow this window to completely open outward for maximum ventilation and possible egress.



Bi-fold windows have been designed to complement our bi-fold doors. The windows are ideal for kitchen servery situations as shown on this page.



Garden windows can be fabricated with a variety of opening windows, but for the best results fit awnings or casements.